User Profiles Dialog

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The User Profiles dialog is used to save and restore a user profile. A User Profile is a saved configuration that stores the current sort, column and filter selections so that it can be restored by the user easily at some point in the future. A profile is saved with a short description which is used to identify the configuration when it is to be restored. If the web application page is authenticated then profiles are automatically saved by user. If not then the application should set the profileUser property to a value that uniquely identifies the user. Access to the dialog is from the toolbar when the userProfile property is set to true. User profiles can be selected directly from the toolbar when the userProfileSelect property is set.


A profile can be set as a default profile. Setting a profile as default will cause that profile to be loaded automatically after the grid or edit control first initialises.




Saves the current grid configuration as a profile with the supplied name

Deletes the currently selected profile

Restores the grid configuration with the selected profile configuration

Closes the dialog